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One of our locations for Sunrise Bail Bonds is at 311 W Civic Center Dr Santa Ana, CA 92701, which is located near the Santa Ana Police Department for your convenience. Our bail agency has dedicated many location along with many licensed bail agents to ensure that your loved ones will be released from custody and are home safe with you and your loved ones. Our office in Santa Ana is devoted to help and serve the people of Santa Ana and residents of neighboring cities to ensure that all of our clients take advantage of the legal system in order to get a fair trial in court.


The entire purpose of bailing someone out of jail is to make sure that he or she doesn’t fall under the pressure of accepting a plea deal to get released from jail by pleading guilty. All of our agents at Sunrise Bail Bonds want to see your loved one fight his or her case from the comfort of his or her home. Our office in Santa Ana is open for clients 24/7 to bail someone out of jail or to get information about someone in jail. You will also be able to fill out all of the necessary paperwork for the bail bond to make it go as quickly as possible. We also provide anybody with free bail information for any bail inquiries.


Our agents at Sunrise Bail Bonds are highly trained in the bail bonds process for Orange County and will go beyond what is necessary to help you in your time of need. They will also make sure that you understand all of your constitutional rights and the entire bail bonds process. We understand that there are hundreds of bail bonds agencies in your area, but none of them will treat you the same way as Sunrise Bail Bonds.


We also provide bail bonds service to the neighboring cities such as the city of Orange, Westminster, Tustin, Anaheim, Irvine, Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach.


The city of Santa Ana is located in Orange County, which means it follows the same guidelines as all the jails when it is referred to booking and releasing inmates from the local jail. When your loved one is arrested in the city of Santa Ana, they will most likely be taken to the Santa Ana Police Department, unless they have a medical condition. If he or she has a medical condition, he or she will be transferred to the County Jail. The inmate will have to go through the booking process before he or she will be able to be bailed out of jail. The inmate will have to go through the fingerprinting process via the Live Scan Machine to make sure that your loved one does not have any outstanding warrants.


Once the fingerprinting process is completed, one of our agents at Sunrise Bail Bonds will be able to turn in the paperwork required for the bail bond. It should take no longer than half an hour for your loved one to be back at home. When all of the paperwork is completed for the bail bond, the defendant will have to sign some papers, and then you will be provided with an official receipt showing the penal codes for the criminal charges along with the court name and location where he or she needs to show up to fight his or her case. Our agency requires that all defendants show up to their assigned court dates on time and one of our agents will continue to follow up with you or your loved one to make sure that everything is going well.


When your loved one arrives at the Santa Ana Police Department, he or she will be met by a jailer, who will then put away any personal belongings that the defendant has on his or her person. After that initial step is complete, the jailer will then gather all of the defendant’s personal information in order to put all of the information into the county’s database. The jailer puts all of this information into a database to keep track of everyone that has been arrested and it will also be used for future reference if he or she were to get arrested again. When all of the information is collected, the inmate will be taken to another part of the jail to undergo the fingerprinting process through the Live Scan machine ........................... Read More



35 YRS

Our entire management team has about thirty years of experience collectively from bail bonds agencies all over the state. Each one of our agents was hired through a very careful process to make sure that they have been properly trained.


Once they were hired, each one of our agents had to go through some more training for the bail bonds service and for customer service. Our goal of expanding our business to be able to reach every jail in Southern California relies on our reputation with our clients right now. Our agents make themselves available to you and your loved ones 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to answer any calls or questions that you may have.


Our policy is to try to approve every bail bond application we receive from our clients as well as any applications from other bail agencies. Over the years, we have updated our system to make sure that we increase the amount of bail bonds that we approve each year.


Our system has helped hundreds of people get out of jail and back to the safety of their home. Even other bail bonds agencies that cant accept certain bonds send them to us because they know we will be able to approve them. So why waste any more time? Our agency will be able to help you with your bail bond without giving you any hassle. You know that when you choose our agency, you can be 100% sure that your loved one will be out of jail as soon as possible.


Our agency has always tried to get our name spread out and known through Sunrise Bail Bond’s role in the local communities in each of our offices. The word of mouth of our services and reputation through our amazing customer service. We do not want to waste any of your times and we do not try to sell our clients any false hopes.


Our agents will be straight forward with you to make sure that we get your loved one out of jail as soon as possible. We make it our mission to reach out to as many residents as possible so that we could help as many people as possible.We are extremely dedicated to our goal of providing legal services to those who need it and will give you the advice to help you fight your case.



311 W Civic Center Dr

Santa Ana, CA 92701



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