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For your convenience, Sunrise Bail Bonds is situated within minutes of the Santa Ana Police Department. Our offices are located at 311 W Civic Center Dr. Santa Ana, CA 92701. We are proud to be family owned and operated for the past three decades. If you’re looking for a fast, professional, and affordable Bail Bonds agency, you have come to the right place. We have the team and the know-how to get you or your precious one out of jail and back home in no time. 

Sunrise Bail Bonds is known for being reliable and respectful during what inevitably becomes extremely high-stress situations; Sunrise Bail Bonds knows just how to get the job done. Do not procrastinate and wait to bail your precious one out, as they might face an unjustified plea deal.  When you contact Sunrise Bail Bonds, our bondsmen will give you the time you need and painstakingly explain every tiny detail of the process. They will provide you with the most flexible repayment options to suit your budget. 

Our representatives are always available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide you with a free consultation and answer all your inquiries. Our well-trained representatives have been serving the Santa Ana community for years now with astounding results where defendants were released out of jail in a timely and swift manner. Rest assured that all of our clients are treated in a very professional, respectful, and compassionate way.

We also provide bail bonds service to neighboring cities such as the city of Orange, Westminster, Tustin, Anaheim, Irvine, Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach.


Once arrested in the city of Santa Ana, the arrestee will get taken to the Santa Ana Police Department. Since the city of Santa Ana is located in Orange County, it follows the same rules and regulations concerning bail bond process handling. In case the arrestee has any medical issues, they will be transferred to County Jail, as it has a bigger and better medical staff to nurse the defendant back to health.

Once the convict is in jail, they will have to go through a booking process before they get cleared for bail. They will have their fingerprints scanned and uploaded to a machine called the Live Scan machine, which processes the fingerprints to determine if the convict is wanted in any other department or state for the same or any other crime. The police department will not be able to clear any convict for bail until they get back the results from the fingerprint scan.

While we here at Sunrise Bail Bonds Santa Ana wait for the convict to get cleared, one of our agents will call you to set up a meeting so that you can fill out the necessary paperwork to start the bail bond process. After all the paperwork gets filled out, the agent will contact the department to find out if the convict got cleared for bail. When they do get cleared and are released from jail on bond, the agent you reached will have either of you sign some more paperwork and then hand you an official receipt for the bond. The receipt contains all the necessary court information needed for the future. It is critical to understand that once the convict is out on bail, they will have to appeal all their court dates, or the court will put out a bench warrant.

As soon as the arrestee arrives at the Santa Ana Police Department, an officer will seize all the defendant's personal belongings. The defendant will be given a set of jail clothing. All the defendant's information like name, date of birth, etc. Will be taken and inserted into the county’s database along with a personal picture for future reference. When this procedure is completed, the defendant will undergo the fingerprinting process through the Live Scan machine.



35 YRS

Our office has been handling the city’s bail bond cases for thirty-five years collectively from bail bond agencies all over the state and is committed to continuing to serve the community.


We are working on changing the bail industry for the better.


Every agent is a trustworthy, reliable, and fast-acting professional.


We ensure to hire and train the best agents in the country to handle all your bail bonds with ease of mind.

 All of our agents go through training for the bond services as well as customer service and will provide you with extraordinary customer service. We never close on holidays.


We are available and at your service 24/7 to answer all your calls; and provide you with the help you deserve.


We at Sunrise Bail Bonds try to approve every bail bond application we receive from our clients. Over thirty-five years of accumulated experience, we have worked towards improving the system on which we operate to push our agents to do the best they can while still approving more bail bond applications every year.


We here at Sunrise Bail Bonds even accept Bail Bond applications from other agencies, which makes us a premium agency in the eyes of our competitors.


Our new and improved system has helped hundreds of residents get back to their ordinary lives, waiting for trial from the safety of their homes with their loved ones by their side here in Santa Ana. So Why should you choose us? The answer is quite simple; we are simply better. Why waste more time searching for other agencies when you can just come straight to us? Our agency will be able to help you with your bail bond without giving any hassle. Call now for a quick release from jail.


While some customer marketing tactics require a strong pitch, when it comes to word-of-mouth advertising, the figures speak for themselves. We care about our clients, so our satisfied clients spread the word, and so our name spreads out and gets well known across the local communities where each of our offices is located. We do not want to spend our money on advertising to sell any of our clients false hope. Simply we care. We would rather spend the money helping people get out of jail on bonds.


Our agents and employees have years of experience in this industry as they are understanding, gentle, and compassionate about what you are currently going through. Our agents will be straightforward with you to ensure that we get your loved one out of jail as soon as possible. It is our sole goal to help the residents of Santa Ana, and dedicated to our goal of providing legal services to those who need them and will give you the guidance and advice to help you fight your case.



311 W Civic Center Dr

Santa Ana, CA 92701



(714) 542-0979


Business Hours:

Mon-Sun 12:00 am - 12:00 am

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