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Santa Ana Bail Bonds Articles

How the Bail Bond Process Works In Santa Ana, CA


When your loved one arrives at the Santa Ana Police Department, he or she will be met by a jailer, who will then put away any personal belongings that the defendant has on his or her person. After that initial step is complete, the jailer will then gather all of the defendant’s personal information in order to put all of the information into the county’s database. The jailer puts all of this information into a database to keep track of everyone that has been arrested and it will also be used for future reference if he or she were to get arrested again. When all of the information is collected, the inmate will be taken to another part of the jail to undergo the fingerprinting process through the Live Scan machinel ........................... Read More

Santa Ana Police Department


The Santa Ana Police Department is located at 60 Civic Center Plaza, Santa Ana, CA 92701, which is in the heart of the city to make sure that all officers will be close to any incident in the city. The Santa Ana Police Administrative Building and Jail Facility are joined together by a very large Community Room that is used for public meetings ......... Read More 

Santa Ana Courthouse


The Santa Ana courthouse has been serving the city of Santa Ana for many years and will continue to serve the residents of this city for years to come. The residents of the city of Santa Ana have been coming to this courthouse for help with their judicial problems and have always left the courthouse with their problems solved. Not only does this courthouse serve the city of Santa Ana ......................... Read More

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