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Santa Ana Police Department


The Santa Ana Police Department is located at 60 Civic Center Plaza, Santa Ana, CA 92701, which is in the heart of the city to make sure that all officers will be close to any incident in the city. The Santa Ana Police Administrative Building and Jail Facility are joined together by a very large Community Room that is used for public meetings. The Police Headquarters is located in the Administrative Building of the entire Civic Center. This building is home to all four police bureaus of the Santa Ana Police Departments as well as Police Administration and the supporting units. Some of the units that serve this beautiful city such as Information Technology, Records, and the Fiscal Department.


This Facility has a Community Room that is used for Police-related functions and City meetings. The community Room is made available for use by some outside government agencies and community groups. The Administrative Building has a front counter where people could come in for police-related inquiries such as traffic issues and if anyone would like to obtain any copies of police reports and any permit registrations could also be obtained from this counter. The building also has private interviewing rooms that are used for filing police reports with a detective.


There is also a reception area on the second floor where people could meet with detectives to discuss matters in discrete. The Jail Facility that is attached to the Police Department is primarily used to house inmates in a holding cell while their paperwork is being processed. This is where you could come to bail out someone that has been arrested in the city of Santa Ana. The people that manage the jail operations are also responsible for the administrative portion of the Police Department and basically keep the entire department organized at all time. The men and women of the police department are some of the best trained people in the world. All officers must attend a police academy and succeed before being considered as a police officer for the city of Santa Ana.


Once someone finishes the police academy and is considered prepared for actual officer duty, they will send an application to the Santa Ana Police Department. When officials receive the application, they will make sure that the candidate is flawless and then will send them to get some more training from an officer of the state. If you have any more questions regarding the Santa Ana Police Department please feel free to contact one of our agents at Sunrise Bail Bonds.

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