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bail bonds in santa ana ca


What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is similar to a contract because it is an agreement between you and a licensed bail bondsman. The contract simply states that the defendant promises to show up to court after he or she has been bailed out of jail.

How could I get a bail bond in Santa Ana?

If you want to get a bail bond in Santa Ana, you will have to either contact a bail agency in the area or pay the full amount to the court and get your loved one out that way. But if you don’t want your time wasted call us Sunrise Bail Bonds Santa Ana.

Do I get my money back once the case is settled?

No, the money you paid for the bail bond is the state mandated fee for the risk that the agency takes in order to get your loved one out of jail.

What happens if the defendant fails to show up to court?

If your loved one fails to show up to court, then the court will be forced to issue a bench warrant for his or her arrest. However, if you contact the bail agent as soon as possible, then he or she will be able to get you the proper paperwork for you to get a new court date.

Are there cheaper bail bonds agencies in Santa Ana?

No, it is illegal for any bail bond agency to charge anything lower than 8% of the full bail amount.

Will the defendat be able to leave the state if he or she is out on bail?

In order to leave the state or country, you will need to get permission from the bail agent that bailed you out of jail. It will also depend on the charges if he or she will be able to leave the state.

What is accepted as collateral?

You could use almost anything that you own and has value as collateral. However, the specifics of the collateral should be discussed with a bail bondsman. Feel free to contact on of our agents for more information regarding collateral.

How do I pay for the bail bond?

You can pay the bail bond with cash, any major credit card, or a check. However, our bail agency offers you the option of setting up a payment plan if you cannot come up with the full amount at once.

How can I qualify for a bail bond?

It will depend on the bail agency that you contact, but here at Sunrise Bail Bonds Santa Ana, we usually try to accept all bail bond inquiries,

How long do you keep the collateral?

We will return all collateral once the case is resolved and you have paid all payments if you chose to get a payment plan for the bond.

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